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Hypertension – Example exercises

The package ‘Hypertension – Example exercises’ consists of twenty-four example exercises designed to test the user’s knowledge of the pharmacological treatment of hypertension as recommended by the United Kingdom’s NICE Guidance 127 “Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management.

Example exercises are interactive and make extensive use of multiple choice questions.

As the user works through an example exercise, the user needs to decide:

  • Whether the patient has hypertension
  • Where applicable, what stage of hypertension the patient has
  • Where applicable, what treatment the patient should have
  • When pharmacological treatment is required, what drugs the patient should be given

Product Code: COP009

Price: £300.00 p.a. (per institution)

Hypertension – Example exercises consists of twenty-four example exercises. These twenty-four example exercises are presented in two different orders.

Mixed Up Order

The example exercises are presented in no particular order with regard to the type of patient or the number of steps of treatment needed. No information about the patient/treatment is shown. The mixed up order gives a better way of testing the user’s knowledge about what treatment is needed.

Systematic Order

The example exercises are presented systematically according to the type of patient involved and the number of steps of treatment needed. The systematic ordering allows the user to work through specific areas of treatment.

According to NICE Guidance 127, patients requiring pharmacological treatment for hypertension can be divided into two main groups:

  • Group 1
    – Patients who are under 55 and who are NOT black
  • Group 2
    – Patients who are over 55 and NOT black
    – Black patients of ALL ages

(Where “black” means a patient of African or Caribbean family origin).

The example exercises include exercises for the following:

  • Example patients from both of the two main groups of patients listed above
  • Example patients with a hypertensive crisis
  • Example patients who may not need pharmacological treatment

Throughout an example exercise, the user can pull up useful background information. The user can pull up information about the stages of hypertension and the blood pressure measurements needed to diagnose a stage.

The user can also pull up background information about the treatment of hypertension. This covers information about:

  • Who receives pharmacological treatment
  • The stepped program, including what class of antihypertensive drug is recommended at each step of treatment, along with situations where a different class of antihypertensive drug is the preferred option
  • The treatment of hypertensive crises

This package is suitable for users who understand what hypertension is and who wish to use example exercises to test their knowledge on how to manage hypertension. The example exercises are based around the United Kingdom’s NICE Guidance 127 “Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management”.

Pre-requisites: Users should know what hypertension is and should have previously looked at the management of hypertension as discussed in the United Kingdom’s NICE Guidance 127 “Hypertension in adults: diagnosis and management”.

Audience: Undergraduates students (such as pharmacy students); users in the medical profession.

Time to complete: Most example exercises take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and there are 24 example exercises. Time to complete the whole package will depend on how many example exercises are completed but is estimated at 2-4 hours.

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